Aims and Objectives

  • The primary aim of the organization is to protect, secure and promote the interests of associates.
  • To make applicable funds for the purpose of giving effect to organizational objectives.
  • To intensify corporate compliance mandates to avoid conflicts.
  • To oppose all matters tending or calculated to impinge or encroach upon the rights and privileges of members.
  • To improve services provided by members to the public.
  • To ensure fair practices by members, thereby promoting the interests of all associates.
  • To promote commuter interests and develop structures that enable passengers to communicate dissatisfaction with the e hailing facilities or services operated under the organization.
  • To foster good working relationships with government.
  •  To engage actively in discussions, negotiations, making representations and appeals to various state provincial and local authorities in the interest of associates.
  • To ensure that members don’t violate bylaws.
  • To foster good relationships with other Associations and to cooperate with other transport sectors.
  • To encourage and strive for the cooperation and coordination of similar sectors.  
  • To help empower individuals through skills development in an effort to achieve the highest standards reasonably possible within the industry exceeding the minimum standards stipulated by governing bodies.
  • To link partners and drivers.
  • To represent oppressed and disadvantaged members in the e hailing transport sector in an effort to alleviate their plight.
  • To mediate with other unions for smooth transitioning within the industry.
  • To organize national and regional structures to assist in trade development objectives.
  • To carry out and manage the affairs on behalf of the organization in accordance with the principal mandates through the board.
  • To take responsibility for decision making, however such should not contravene with affiliates and the law of the Republic of South Africa.


Subject to the approval of the executive board but open to all individuals.

Affiliate Membership

Open to registered associations and agencies in line with our mandate.

Associate Membership

Open to all individuals